Artist Statement

David Newey is an artist who primarily works in graphic art and comics.  Employing his novel technique of drawing called "Human Printing", utilising both mechanical crosshatch and stippling, he creates works that blur the line between digital and analogue representation His practice  is deeply rooted in the notion of the artist hand, craft, causality and the concept of time.

Generations of his family have been artisans within the ceramics industry, thus his work seeks to add to the cultural offer of the local area. Through his labour intensive drawing style, he seeks to emulate the traditional techniques of the ceramic production process. Currently, his practice investigates copper plate etching, moving this traditional print technique into a more contemporary and multi-disciplinary space.

Newey re-appropriates sequential imagery, pressing the limits of what can actually be considered  as a comic strip. His works transcends the boundaries between high and low art, creating pieces that are both conceptually and intellectually nourishing.

The natural progression of Newey's practice is the expansion of his drawing technique into the exploration of the decline of the ceramics industry and Stokes for renewal. The production of his site-specific pieces act as a catalyst to the  regeneration plans of the city, Newey respects the heritage of the industry whilst concentrating moving it into the contemporary context.